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1. No, it's not an apple. It's a pattern of lines and colors on a flat surface. Definitely not edible. 2a. We are very attached to visual representations. A real apple and a picture trigger responses in our heads that are not identical, but similar. 2b. Some are tempted to say that the only thing we know with certainty is what happens inside our heads. One conclusion, solipsism, is that only 'I' exist. It's true that the existence of an external reality is painfully hard to prove. Dreams are not reality, and its possible that our senses are equally unreliable. 3. However, unlike pictures, our senses are not static. They exist in a dynamic world, of time and change. So we can and do continuously, if unconsciously, match what's in our heads against what seems to be coming in from outside. That still doesn't provide absolute proof of the reality of 'out there'. It does, however, provide coherent awareness of something that we do not always control – a whole wonderful world that we can interact with.