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Useful delusions?
This is not a point any more than a picture of an apple is an apple. What size is a point? Has anyone ever seen one? A point by definition has no size, but has vanished beyond the reach vision or of imaging technologies, into the realm of nothingness. Accordingly, no, nobody has ever seen one. And yet it is a persistent and useful concept in the world of ideals, of perfection, that we call mathematics. Most of us drew rays of light at school. Except in the case of total blackness, we live immersed in a sea of light. It criss-crosses the spaces we move in, light from one place passing through light from another, and another and another, is if only one were there. We draw lines and give them a special name, and they are useful for making predictions and so for understanding and making optical instruments. They reveal that valid predictions can be made from simple geometry. But compared with the reality of the sea of light they are sad little things, and it would be better not to think otherwise.